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  • Enhancement: Notification Profiles

    I really see a limitation in OTM in how the system handles message notifications. I have shared this issue with Oracle, and would like to hear from other people if this is an issue for you as well, and if you would see it as a helpful upgrade.

    In our business, we use OTM to notify involved parties with Pickup and Delivery estimates, as well as many other notifications. Some of our customers and suppliers find these notifications helpful. Others find them annoying. The way that the system is currently configured this is not a problem.

    Our issue really comes in when a customer likes some of the notifications but not others. There is currently no way to setup a contact to only receive select notifications.

    My thought is the best way to configure something like this would be to have a notification profile assigned per contact and list what they would and would not like to receive. This way we could have a base set of notifcations that could be modified individually as needed.

    This enhancement would be particularly useful to us, as to do this now, we have to set the contact's email address to an internal email, and manually forward the select notifications that they would like to receive.

    Would this be useful to you as well?

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    Re: Enhancement: Notification Profiles

    Have you considered 'externalising' the various notifications into refnums?

    Quite often notifications are sent to entity Involved Parties. If you specify your IP Contact at a Location (or if you use a naming convention to join contacts to a location), then you can set refnum quals on the IPLocs to control which notifications should be 'turned on/off' for a given IPContact. Each notification would have its own related unique Location Refnum Qualifier. You could have a separate refnum qual for Pickup Estimates, Delivery Estimates, or any other custom workflow notification you want to build.

    For example, I have a workflow to notify the ORDEROWNER when a new Order Base is created. Some ORDEROWNER's want to receive this alert, some don't. By attaching the refnum to the ORDEROWNER's location, I can control whether to send the alert or not by adding or deleting the refnum qual on the location. Similarly you can exclude/include refnums depending on the notification a given ORDEROWNER wants to receive.

    The following SQL is used to Assign a variable in an agent (this is for an Order Base agent notification). Then, the variable is used as the Notify Contact.

    FROM ob_involved_party obip,
    location_refnum lr
    AND lr.location_gid = obip.INVOLVED_PARTY_CONTACT_GID
    AND LOCATION_REFNUM_QUAL_GID=obip.domain_name
    AND obip.order_base_gid = $Gid
    ), ('ELX.DUMMY'))
    FROM dual

    Sam Woodcock
    Mavenwire Consultant
    Sam Woodcock
    MavenWire Consultant


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      Re: Enhancement: Notification Profiles


      Can you tell me how to assign a variable to the notify contact in the agent.