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OTM SIG January 2007 Update

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  • OTM SIG January 2007 Update

    Dear OTM SIG Members,

    Below are a few items we would like to make you aware of:

    Stay tuned for email announcements from the OTM SIG regarding topic specific calls on OTM version 5.5 and Day Light Savings time impact to OTM. Details to be announced as soon as they are available.

    From Doug Leard - Director of Quality Assurance responsible for OTM Documentation, Training, Software Quality and Release Management

    We will end code support for OTM releases based on the following schedule -
    • R4.5 _ October 2006
    • R5.0 _ July 2007
    • R5.5 _ November 2009
    Once out of code support, we will no longer provide software changes (enhancements or defect corrections). Clients can still call Support with questions about release functionality though.
    Day Light Savings Time Note in Metalink 396225.1-

    Please review note 396225.1 in Metalink for important information regarding the changes to DST and the impact on OTM.

    Introducing the new OTM SIG Forum


    Beth A. McLamb
    Chris Plough