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v5.5 Upgrade Steps (High-Level)

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  • v5.5 Upgrade Steps (High-Level)

    Here is the document that I mentioned to you this morning. By no means this list
    is exhaustive but are things that I stumbled up on when doing the 5.5

    Manoj Turlapati
    Senior Principal Consultant
    Oracle USA, Inc.


    The high-level steps involved in an upgrade
    • Three main steps involved before you start the upgrade: first is backup, second is backup and third is also backup
    • upgrade dev/test/prod
    • upgrade the app server
    • upgrade the db server (from the app server)
    • upgrade the web server (if on a different machine)
    • Read the ReadMe.txt - very important
    • Struts was optional before but is required 5.5
    • Follow instructions in ReadMe.txt of v5.5 to the dot, especially the Jakarta taglibs instructions. two files need to be extracted from jstl.jar and standard.jar. Make sure only those two files are copied and nothing more from the zip file. Had issues copying more files than listed in the readme.txt. so be very CAUTIOUS
    • dbpatch_55.sql run instruction missing from the admin guide.

    General tips and suggestions when upgrading to v5.5 (installation or functional)
    • OAS is currently supported only on Linux and other platforms except AIX will be supported in CU3
    • OTM is supported under RAC 10gR2
    • Scalability is not supported on Websphere
    • Check your custom screen sets and make sure they are working without issues. Seen issues with that but are supposed to be fixed in the latest CU. Custom Screen sets not working after migrating to 5.5 (example: Order Release)
    • If you use OTM and EBS have them on different machines. COEXISTENCE OF OTM 5.5.2 AND EBS on the same machine: not recommended.
    Cool things:
    • Allocation can be restricted based on the transport mode
    • Lot of new Planning Parameters. some of them you can take advantage of
    • Dock scheduling has matured quite a bit
    • Consolidated tender reports
    • EBS supports only one domain at this time
    • EBS Integration is now enabled
    • Infrastructure - This enhancement provides the technical capability to integrate with BPEL (Business Process Execution Language). There are some additional fields on the External System manager, and a couple new integration properties
    • Order Management - OTM can now accept rate inquiries from an external order management system and return rate information to the external system. It can also accept rate information and populate it into orders.
    • Freight Payment - This provides the integration between EBS and OTM for Freight Payment.
    • Purchase Orders - This provides the integration between EBS and OTM for purchase orders.
    • Sales Orders - This provides the integration between EBS and OTM for sales orders.
    Chris Plough