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OTM SIG Call - Functional 3/13/2007

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  • OTM SIG Call - Functional 3/13/2007

    Dear OTM SIG Members,

    Below is the agenda for the upcoming OTM SIG Functional Focus Conference Call. Rosalie Cmelak (Oracle), Bob Hart (Oracle) and Manoj Turlapati (Oracle) will be available for this call. Please feel free to contact me or Beth if there are topics you would like to see covered in future calls.

    As a courtesy to all participants, please insure that your phone has been put on "mute" during the call.

    Oracle Transportation Management
    Special Interest Group Users Group
    Functional Focus

    Tuesday, March 13, 2007
    11:00am -12:00pm Eastern
    • V5.5 Upgrade
    • V5.5 Demo - April 10th
    • Rapid Start and Health Check
    • Collaborate '07
    • Follow up DST
    Conference Call Information
    Tuesday, March 13, 2007 11:00 - 12:00pm Eastern
    Conference Name: OTM SIG
    Participant passcode: 340721
    Dial in Phone Numbers:
    Toll free 1-888-323-7377
    Toll 1-719-785-9422
    There will be no announcements as people join/leave the call

    Jada Barnett, Agility Logistics
    Guest Speaker:
    • Bob Hart - Oracle
    • Manoj Turlapati - Oracle
    • Rosalie Cmelak - Oracle
    Discussion Topics:
    • 5.5 upgrade, challenges, things to be aware of etc. If you have any specific questions for Manoj, please forward them over to Beth and I and we will ensure they are added to the agenda. Q&A to follow.
    • Bob will discuss Rapid Start and the new Health Check initiatives
    • Rosalie will update the group on special groups being formed to target areas of the product
    • v5.5 demo - April 10th (if you have suggestions for this demo or would like to see specific functionality, please forward an email to us and we will add them to the April 10th agenda)
    • DST Follow up - Beth McLamb

    Collaborate 07
    The below list represent the OTM specific tracks being presented at Collaborate '07 - Technology and Applications Forum for the Oracle Community, April 15-19, 2007, in Las Vegas, Nevada
    Presentation Title / Presenter
    • Oracle Transportation Management: A Customer's Story / Oracle
    • Oracle Transportation Management: Release v5.5 Overview / Oracle
    • Oracle Transportation Management: Product Roadmap / Oracle
    • Continuous Moves in OTM: Integration Inbound and Outbound Transportation / Deloitte Consulting
    • Automate and Standardize Freight Audit and Payment Process to Contain Costs / Eminent Group
    • Review of Oracle Transportation Management Functionality and Usability / DARC Corporation
    • OTM Integration Best Practices / CP Consulting
    • The Oracle Transportation Management Solution: Implementation and Integration / Apex IT
    • Integrating EBS and OTM: Understanding the Process Flows and Avoiding Pitfalls / MavenWire Consultants
    • Customizing the Look and Feel of OTM to Fit Your Business Needs / MavenWire Consultants
    ************************************************** ******************************************

    Issues and Next Steps / Owner(s)
    1. 5.5 Demo - April 10th, 2007 / Oracle
    2. Next Business Technical Meeting - June 12, 2007 11:00am Eastern / TBD

    Jada Barnett
    Chris Plough