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Does OTM have a single-user or maintenance mode?

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  • Does OTM have a single-user or maintenance mode?

    I recently took on some OTM Administration responsibilities. My previous experience with OTM has been with developing services to communicate to and from OTM, so I apologize if I am asking a trivial question.

    Can you prevent user's from logging in while maintenance is being performed?

    We had a recent situation where an electrical contractor cut the power to 1/2 the computer room. In the melee that followed, OTM was restarted before some of the downstream dependent systems, thus causing numerous HTTP errors from External Systems, Transmission reports etc.

    My downstream systems require the External System pushes to be processed in order. So REDO processing doesn't work (as it doesn't necessarily reprocess in order) and I need to manually reprocess the transmissions.

    It would be nice if I could start OTM in a "single user mode" where I could prevent everyone else from logging in until I could ensure all dependent systems were up or until I processed the backlog.

    Does anyone have any suggestions how I might accomplish this? It would be great if it did not require bouncing OTM.


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    Re: Does OTM have a single-user or maintenance mode?


    No - OTM doesn't currently have a single user mode. In the past, we've handled this a couple of different ways:
    • Replace the index.html file with a maintenance disclaimer. This will keep people from logging in (no login prompt), but won't prevent integration servers from accessing the integration servlet.
    • If OTM is behind a load balancer, point the VIP towards a non-OTM web server (like a stock Apache instance) which presents a maintenance page. This will stop both logins and integration.
    • If all else fails, shutdown the OTM web server. You can have a separate one installed (for instance on the OTM app server) that get utilized for admin purposes.
    Hope this helps.

    Chris Plough


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      Re: Does OTM have a single-user or maintenance mode?

      Thanks so much for the quick response. I will discuss the options with my SA's. This is a great site and I'm sure I'll make use of it a great deal in the future.