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    I am trying to delimited user access to some menu and elements, for example I just want user to see items and not allow them to create or update. I am using vpd and roles but I am having problems.
    Does anyone have a manual with examples of how to use vpds and roles?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Vpd and Roles


    You can restrict access to the items, using Assign Function for example :For a Shipment , you can give only access to view.

    Assign functon has to be associated with the Level and Level has to be associated with the User.

    By this way the user can perform only the function which is assigned to him.

    Hope this helps you

    Thansk and Regards


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      Re: Vpd and Roles

      I have use the functions but i am having problems.

      I want to allow a user to modifiy a shipment that it has been created by an other user. Both users belong to the same domain.
      What I have done is
      • Create a vpd profile with none of the possible options (Use Insert User Role, Use external Predicate rule, Use Servprov Rule and Use Domain Rule) marked.
      • Create one level with some functions in which I have added shipment- view and shipment-update.
      • Create a rol with vpd profile and the level with the functions.
      • Assign to a user the role
      Does anyone know how to solve my problem?

      Thanks in advanced


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        Re: Vpd and Roles

        Can you please try setting the External Predicate Access as "Read/Write" for shipments in your VPD? This will allow an user to edit the shipments created by a different user.



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          Re: Vpd and Roles

          I am having problems with the access to the rates menu for users. I want allow them only to see and not to update.
          I have created a level with the Rate Contracts- view. I have created a role with this level and I have assigned to a user the role.
          But when I log in the user can not see any rates (offering, service,…).

          Should I put other functions on the level?