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    The Reports are viewed as HTML and PDF IN OTM 5.5 (CU4).
    An Export to excel feature was configured for both the HTML and PDF.

    When an export to excel is made from PDF, the following error occurs.
    The Requested URL is an invalid Request. Can’t process Request.

    The same was working fine in version OTM 5.5 (CU2)

    When we tried to export from HTML it works without any issues.

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    Re: Export to CSV

    Have you asked oracle support about it at all?


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      Re: Export to CSV

      just wondering if anyone has an answer to this.

      i have successfully added a link to get my report to export to excel. however it only appears in the html view. if i view the report in pdf it doesnt show the link. i then found out thats bc the glog_template_portrait.tdf has the field for the 'Export to Excel' making a call to the

      v_boolean := DISABLE_IT_FOR_PDF(ESFORMAT);
      return v_boolean;

      therefore the link is disabled when viewing in pdf.

      i changed the code to return(TRUE)

      so my link to export to excel now appears in the pdf - BUT i get the error 'The requested URL is an invalid request. Can't process request'

      any ideas?