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Dynamic List in OTM

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  • tabish.nafay
    Re: Dynamic List in OTM

    Hi Nisha,

    I am a new Bee in OTM, working as a Report Developer in a Logistic Firm.
    We are using OTM55 CU03, I have developed some rdf and registered in OTM but i m facing problems for Report Parameter LOV, is there any way to define sql lov for parameters.

    Your help is highly appriciated.

    Thanks in Advnace.


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  • Nisha
    started a topic Dynamic List in OTM

    Dynamic List in OTM

    Hai all,
    Is it possible to fetch the 'Provider ID' from the database and populate it in the Provider ID drop down of the report?

    I tried this in OTM by selecting the following:
    1. Parameter Type - is 'Dynamic List' and
    2. Query Name - i selected from the picklist(already existing one.for eg:SERVPROV)
    Finally the provider Id's are displaying in the drop down list but if i select anyone and click Submit button then it shows an Error like this :
    REP-300: quoted string not properly terminated

    Note:i tried the same in the report builder also but it also shows some error like "Invalid Identifier"

    Kindly help me to solve this problem.

    thanks & regards,