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  • FTI Install

    We have an OTM installed on a db, let's call it OTM_DB. A ROD is installed on ROD_DB.
    We want the FTI to be installed on ROD_DB, but when we try to run the Create_aa_all.sql for installing FTI, we get messages on tables not found.

    Problem here is the ROD is not a complete install of OTM, hence we cannot install FTI on top of a ROD db. Is that true ? Has anyone gotten it to work or am I smoking too much?

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    Re: FTI Install

    Hi Mo,

    The admin guide is missing a lot of steps and the initial database script is incorrect as well. There also an additional fti database script which is missing in the guide. You will also have to install and configure tomcat and apache separately (no instructions with this either). I would suggest you contact Oracle support for help on this. Alternatively, you can PM me and we could provide assistance on setting this up.

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      Re: FTI Install

      In case of FTI the OTM db will come to ROD(if you are using it which is optional) and then the data comes to HD(historical data base). You can try running the package without ROD and also if you are using FTI with CU03 then it does not work so well as there are are recognised bugs in CU03 with FTI.So use CU04 since with CU04 FTI works perfectly.
      Also Windows 2003 server works well with OBIEE and FTI sits on top of OBIEE.So ou can loom at these issues as well.