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  • glog.webserver Properties

    glog.webserver.savedquerynamecache can this value be increased or decreased at runtime ?

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    Re: glog.webserver Properties

    I am sure you would have checked OTM Help for this, if not here is the detail. You can not change value at runtime. Like all other properties you will have change in file and bounce servers to make it effective.

    Help Topic on porperty:
    This property enables/disables caching of savedquerynamecache. The valid options are true or false. The cache is on by default (true).

    If you want to limit saved queries by user and not by domain, turn off the cache since the caches are domain-specific. Additionally if you are having memory issues, turn off the cache as it is stored in memory. When the cache is disabled the database is access every time a user clicks the Saved Query drop down list, which affects performance but frees up memory. If the cache is turned on, then the cache is refreshed whenever a query is added, edited, or removed.
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      Re: glog.webserver Properties

      Hello cshah8,

      Thanks for the explanation.

      Prabu T