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Performance difference Notify - NotifywithINS

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  • Performance difference Notify - NotifywithINS


    As we are still having performance issues, I did more investigation to what could be the issue here.

    When looking through the threads I noticed that the "agentplanning" threads often have a que.
    It seems that a few tasks are taking forever to complete, which will holds up the thread to be released for another event.
    When looking which events/tasks take too much time, I see we end up with a task using the NotifywithINS.

    I do know that NotifywithINS is coming out of 4.0, but we are not using the interface that is send with it. Effectively we could also work with Notify. Problem is that we need to go through the stylesheets again to make it compatible for Notify. Simply change it to Notify is not enough (as we already tested).

    But before we enter this street, I want to know whether there is a difference in performance between NotifywithINS and Notify.

    Does someone have experience in this?
    Best Regards,

    Bob Romijn