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[SOLVED] Sources for older update/patch doc

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  • [SOLVED] Sources for older update/patch doc

    Hi Chris,
    How far back in history does this forum track OTM stuff.... I am doing an upgrade from 4.0 forward and want to know where to get the technical notes....


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    Re: Sources for older update/patch doc


    Short answer:
    We go back to the beginning! As long as it's useful to our user community, we'll support any OTM version. The only way I know to get the OTM Admin guides for v4.0 and v4.5 is through Oracle Support (submit a TAR). I have copies, but unfortunately have to be careful about posting them in public forums (like here), since Oracle is very strict about upholding their copyrights.

    Longer answer:
    I was at G-Log from 1999 to 2006 and was involved with the development of all version of OTM (then GC3), including the portal versions we created to get VC funding. I actually have a weakness for the old versions, as they remind me of some very good times with my friends at G-Log.

    On a more professional level, we (MavenWire) are also supporting several clients who are moving to OTM v5.5 from GC3 v4.0 and v4.5, so I'm familiar with the process.

    if you have any specific questions - please post them and I'll do my best to help.

    Chris Plough


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      Re: Sources for older update/patch doc

      Thanks Chris,
      I understand...I wish we had had such neat things as these kinds of forums when I first started doing ERP software.. when I did user support we just did a log of yelling back and forth over the phone......These forums are great and really help the folks who are charged to implement... Plus the look and feel is very nice...

      The upgrade I am doing has been done in bits and pieces by several folks over the course of a while and all I have to guide me on what scripts to apply are xls notes...

      I need to do
      Sept 2005SR
      4.0 to 4.5
      4.5 to 5.0a
      5.0a to 5.0b

      Right now I am just compiling the list of what scripts to run from the xls, but would really like to know I am applying all the correct scripts, esp for the SR and 4.0 to 4.5 which I did not do myself.... If I enter a TAR with Oracle and ask for things by SR date and then sacrifice a goat or two, will that do the trick



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        Re: Sources for older update/patch doc

        Thank you for the compliments - a lot of work has gone into these forums, and I'm very happy that people are finding them useful. And don't worry - every implementation I've been on still involves a lot of yelling back and forth!

        I'd update your migration process as follows:

        Prior to migration weekend:
        • Sept 2005SR
        Weekend of migration:
        • 4.0 to 4.5
        • Apply latest v4.5 SR
        • 4.5 to 5.0a
        • 5.0a to 5.0b
        • Apply latest v5.0 SR
        If you intend to move to OTM v5.5, then you'd add the following steps:
        • 5.0b to 5.5
        • Apply latest v5.5 CU
        The biggest issue you're likely to hit is around migration windows. The clients we're working with who are upgrading from v4.0 are having a very difficult time managing - since they need to complete everything within one weekend.

        Also - it goes without saying, but if you're able to run through 2-3 test migrations prior to the production migrations, all of the kinks will be worked out and you'll have a very accurate idea of the timelines involved.

        Chris Plough


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          Re: Sources for older update/patch doc

          Just a quick update, for everyone's benefit (Catharine reminded me of this - thanks!). If you have an OTM or GC3 installation, you can find all of the relevant documentation for that release under:


          Here you'll find the Admin Guide, Integration Guides, Branding Guides, Data Dictionaries, Patch Notes, etc...

          Hope this helps!

          Chris Plough