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Integration help between OTM and EBS Oracle using BPEL

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  • Integration help between OTM and EBS Oracle using BPEL


    We are experiencing a lot of connection break between OTM and Oracle EBS. Everytime we have to bounce the BPEL instance to re-establish the connection. This is causing lot of pain. Is there any way to monitor the connection break?

    For example: can we monitor some table in Oracle EBS like PO_OTM_OUT to see if there are any failures in that and then notify admin if there are any failures. Is this an option?
    Has anybody done to resolve this ?

    Any help will be much appreciated.

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    Re: Integration help between OTM and EBS Oracle using BPEL

    We experienced some similar issues with connection failures with BPEL, but would be helpful to know more about your environment - can you publish what version of Fusion, relevant log file entries and maybe some of your settings related to connection factory or timeout values, using JNDI, domain.xml timeout value settings, etc. Also, what do you mean by "connection break" - these systems do not necessarily always maintain a constant connection but refer to connection string information at time of execution based on end-points. Specifically, are you loosing connection during a transmission?

    Just from what you describe it sounds like your loosing connection on timeout response or acknowledgement. I assume these are asynch processes?

    There isn't really a table in EBS you can monitor, if these are outbound transmissions which run Shipping Outbound concurrent process - make sure they are scheduled in the manager and check the log file there.

    Have you checked the Recovery queue in BPEL Console?



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      Re: Integration help between OTM and EBS Oracle using BPEL

      Hi Jeff...

      I came across this very old post while searching for mention of PO_OTM_OUT. I'm hoping you or someone can answer my question.

      You asked Has the Recovery queue in BPEL Console been checked. Where would I go in the Console to see this?
      We are on 11g, so it is now the Enterprise Manager Console.

      We are on 12.1.3 Apps. We had an issue today where the BPEL server went down and no transmissions were going between OTM and EBS. We got the system back up, and all the Sales order information resynched the next time those jobs ran. However all the PO changes that occurred during this time were stuck in the PO_OTM_OUT table, and did not resynch. We are having the users manually go in and re-approve them, but I'm thinking there should be something we could do to resynch these? Has anyone ever found anything? I've never found much whenever I search Metalink for PO_OTM_OUT or PO OTM. I did notice the Q_NAME in the table for these records was set to AQ$_PO_OTM_OUT_E, but I do not know of any way to access that either.

      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!