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  • Question about voucher


    I have following question about voucher

    If an invoice contain multiple line items,when we convert such invoice into voucher and transmitt to External system will that voucher will have invoice and line items information it or it will have only invoice?

    for example i have invoice for amount 1000 rupess with four line items of each with amount 250 rupess when we send that invoice as voucher to external system does that voucher contain all line items information and invoice information or only invoice information?


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    Re: Question about voucher

    There is a lot of information in the voucher sent to external systems.

    We transmit order and shipment reference numbers in the voucher to external systems.

    The best way to see the information is to create a voucher, send it and then pull the XML.

    I hope this helps.



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      Line item data is missing in voucher and Bill while sending to External system


      While sending voucher or bill to external system line item information of voucher or bill is missing.

      Following steps to reproduce the issue

      )Create a bill with multiple line items
      2) send bill to external system using BPEL service
      3) receive activity BPEL doesnot have line level info for Bill
      4)Goto to OTM console Business Process Automation->Integration->Integration Manager->Perform An Integartion Command
      ->generate XML for "view Billing XML" and "View Transmission XML"
      5) In the XML generated by "view Billing XML" will have all header level and linelevel
      information for Bill,But where as in XML generated by "View Transmission XML"
      doesnot have line level information fields like amount.Which is important when
      we are transfering to Ebiz

      If feel we need to enable some property in glog.perproperties file .i dont find any property related to it.Please advice