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  • Integration issues - httppost

    Hello everyone,

    I'm new at OTM and I am working in a project to implement OTM for a logistics department. I have read some documents and manuals but I'm afraid I need some help with OTM integration using httppost strategy.

    What I'm trying to do, is implementing an interface that keeps OTM sincronized with an external system via httpost in "real-time" (sending xml messages based on GlogXMLSchema.xsd).

    In order to achive that, I was planning to establish this two procedures:
    A.Incomming data into OTM (from external system)
    A.1- External system performs httppost and sends valid xml to OTM
    A.2- OTM processes xml file
    A.3- OTM sends Report back to external system
    A.4- External systems gets the transmission report
    A.5- If Report is succesfull external systems commits changes in its DB, otherwise it rolls back changes.

    So far, I have managed to send and process xml files properly but I couldn't get any Report back to the external system. It seems OTM is "generating" the report, but the xml file is not reaching the external system. Any suggestions on how to catch that report? (step A.4).

    B.Outbound data from OTM to external system
    B.1- OTM sends a xml file to the external system: a "before persist Modification-event" placed on an OTM object triggers an agent that executes a "Send-integration" action.
    B.2- External system receives the xml file and processes it.
    B.3- External system sends back to OTM a Transmission status (success or error)
    B.4- OTM commits or rolls back the modifications depending on the status received.

    For this one, I'm having problems at step B.3: Send-integration action always seems to finish successfully (even though the external system returns an error status) so I can't manage to interrupt the agent and do rollback.
    Besides I couldn't find a way to inform of an error through the GUI (in order to let the user know the operation was aborted).

    I would really appreciate if anybody could advice me on this, not only on the particular issues but also on the overall interface strategy.

    Thank you very much for your help!!!!

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    Re: Integration issues - httppost


    I am also new to OTM...Could please share some technical details about your project here.
    I would like to implement the same stuff but need some tips to really achieve this.



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      Re: Integration issues - httppost

      I'm sorry, I'm afraid I'm not into OTM any more.
      I used the strategy described in my post but had to rearrange certain things in order to avoid the mentioned restrictions (totally asincronous interface and no way of posting messages through GUI to the user).
      Try reading the OTM integration manual.
      Good luck.


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        Re: Integration issues - httppost

        Hi Guru,

        We are doing EBS to OTM integration.
        As a process we deployed all the seeded BPELs into new domain.
        But, when seeded BPEL process trying to access OTM Integration servlet, we are getting the following issue.

        The bpel is using the http post and it is trying to access the following URL
        and we are getting the following error
        "<fault> - <bindingFault xmlns=""> - <part name="summary"> <summary> ion_HTTP@19fe9e4 : Could not invoke 'process'; nested exception is: Connection refused


        - <part name="detail"> <detail> Connection refused</detail>




        It seems the http servlet is rejecting the request.
        Please guide me to resolve that issue.

        Thanks in advance,
        Mahesh G.