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    OTM 5.5 CU3
    We have order release comming in to OTM just fine. We have now belatedly discovered that our client can send us the same order number twice and these are not back orders but order lines to be delivered on a seperate day. In effect an order can have multiple delivery dates as the delivery date relates to the order line not the order header.

    Entering order releases manually we can get the Business Number Generator to create new Order release Id's no problem and it solves our problem quite nicely.

    My question is how do we get BNG (Business Number Generator) to work via integration. My technical guy is pulling his hair out with this one as we want the BNG to work on the Order release ID field.

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    Re: Integration and BNG Help


    As long as you're posting the integration via the standard servlet (http://<server_name>/GC3/glog.integration.servlet.WMServlet), then Agents should get triggered on the incoming integration. I would think that you could setup the BNG via an Agent triggered by the incoming integration, having it create the new order release IDs.

    Not knowing your configuration, you may need to setup additional agent(s) to post this updated OR ID back to your other systems.

    Thoughts from anyone else?

    Chris Plough


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      Re: Integration and BNG Help


      We often use Business Rules to generate XIDs during integration.

      We use the following syntax in the XML:



      We are using this is an different context to generate Ship Unit Gids. Each Xid in the XML needs to increment by one.

      Hope this helps.
      James Foran
      Toll Global Information Services


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        Re: Integration and BNG Help

        I try the solution provide by James and it result in the creation of
        order_release_gid = DomainName.{1}
        order_release_gid = DomainName.{2}
        order_release_gid = DomainName.{3}
        order_release_gid = DomainName.{4}
        It seems that the Business Rules is not applied.

        here is a extract from my xml file :



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          Re: Integration and BNG Help


          I would suggest testing the automation agents as Chris mentioned. You could setup the agent based on "order release" for type, "order - created" for event and "integration" for restrictions. I would have to know more about the requirements to fill in the actions, but this is something I would try to get the BNG and BN rule to apply appropriately.

          Alternately you may want to use order release line and order release line - created.

          My only caveat would be if the incoming order release and/or order release line have meaning to the customer. If not, then OTM should generate the appropriate number sequentially based on your OR BN rules.