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EBS - OTM integration - Order Release XML

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  • EBS - OTM integration - Order Release XML

    Hi, we have an issue where DELEETE transmissions from EBS to OTM do not do their job. The transaction comes into OTM fine. The transaction says PROCESSED however the ORDER RELEASE still exists in the system. I had an SR open for which Oracle said that we need to pre-pend the EBS delivery_id in front of EBS delivery_detail_id, such as "delivery_id-delivery_detail_id". Has anyone does this. We are on EBS 11.5.10 and OTM 6.1.2. Also, how does this integration change impact the 'RC' transmissions (INSERT/UPDATE) vs 'D' (DELETE). Oracle says that there are other customers who have customized the integration.
    When DELETES come into OTM from EBS and do not get deleted, it causes a lot of data corruption. Besides incorrect information resides in the system.