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[SOLVED] Integrating OTM with SAP and other External Systems

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  • [SOLVED] Integrating OTM with SAP and other External Systems


    I receive the following questions from one of our members and wanted to post them for everyone's benefit:

    Question #1
    Hi Chris,

    Could you kindly tell me about external application integration with OTM
    say for example i need to receive order messages from a SAP system into OTM and send back as well
    your kind help here would be deeply appreciated

    Warm Regards,
    Answer #1

    What kind of details are you looking for, as the question is quite broad. At a high level, you'll need an integration engine that will translate the SAP orders into G-Log XML and post into OTM. From there, the orders can be planned as shipments, and once tendered, sent back to the integration engine (via http post, ftp, web services, etc) to be translated and sent back to SAP. Several OTM/GC3 clients are integrating with SAP, so this is quite common.

    Question #2
    Hi Chris,

    Thank you so much for your kind reply.
    We are running otm v5.5 and we have a requirement to receive order,shipment(other glog elements as well) from a SAP system and send back as well
    Could you kindly let me know which integration methodology will be the best fit here

    Also, some sort of manual or guide would be of greater help to me

    Warm Regards,
    Answer #2
    Unfortunately, there isn't a manual that explains everything directly, however there are some good guides as part of your OTM installation.

    If you login to your OTM system and navigate to $OTM_HOME/docs/integration/

    As far as methodology, there are several that

    There was a good presentation given at the OTM SIG User Conference about this very topic. You can download a copy of it from here:So basically you have 3 main integration technologies (they all use XML as the integration method):
    1. Python Scripts included with OTM
    2. Custom Point-to-Point Integration
    3. Middleware (also now called ESB or Enterprise Service Bus)
    In addition to the products specified, I've seen some great information and reviews about an Open Source ESB called Mule (Home - Mule - Mule--Open Source ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) and Integration Platform).

    If you have specific questions after reviewing this material, please post them here and we'll be glad to help you.

    Hope this helps!

    Chris Plough

  • #2
    Re: [SOLVED] Integrating OTM with SAP and other External Systems

    I ran across another Open Source ESB recently, that looks very promising - Open ESB.

    It's also integrated with the Netbeans IDE, making development easier.

    Chris Plough