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  • Sending files

    Is it possible to send files to external systems from OTM? And what kind of files?

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    Re: Sending files

    Hi Rajashree,

    I am not sure what are you looking for but OTM allows you to send "elements" to external systems. These elements can be either Order Bases, Order Releases, Shipments, Invoices, Bills or Vouchers.

    OTM creates XML transmissions to external systems and generally this Action is called Sending Interface Transmission. You need to configure an External System Manager where you set up where to post the transmissions as well as an Out XML Profile if you want to take out parts of the XML that you may not need.

    Hope this helps,

    Alejandro B.


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      Re: Sending files

      In addition to the info posted above (thanks Alejandro!) - it may help you to know what ways OTM allows you to send these xml files. In OTM you can transmit to external systems using the following protocols / mechanisms:
      • http / https post
      • ftp post
      • Oracle Advanced Queuing (OAQ)
      • web service
      Hope this helps.

      Chris Plough


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        Re: Sending files

        Hello :

        I have a question regarding defining Web services in OTM. I have a .NET web service. Can I define this Web service in OTM and send XML data to this Web service ? If yes, Can someone please tell the steps to configure ? Please reply ASAP.

        Thanks in Advance.


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          Re: Sending files

          Yes, you can integrate OTM with external web services. The restriction is that OTM will only pass out G-Log XML, so you'll need an integration engine (if you're running MS software - this may be BizTalk) to accept the request and transform it into the format you need for your end system(s).

          The basic steps are:
          1. Create a Web service definition in OTM
          2. Associate a WSDL file with this web service that describes your endpoint.
          3. Create an External System in OTM, which uses this web service definition for transmission
          4. Associate this external system with your agent or action that is going to send the integration transmission (planned shipment, order updates, etc).
          I don't believe this is fully documented anywhere, though I'd recommend checking the OTM Integration guide.

          Chris Plough