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[SOLVED] OTM 5.5 - UTF-8 files and BOM

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  • [SOLVED] OTM 5.5 - UTF-8 files and BOM


    For those of us who are dealing with UTF-8 files and:

    1) Creating the UTF-8 files on Windows environment (using Windows API)
    2) Sending the UTF-8 file to OTM 5.5 via Integration

    Please note that as of OTM 5.5, Oracle outlawed the use of several open source libraries that resulted in UTF-8 integration files with BOM failing to processed by the Integration manager.

    This caused considerable headache for us as it used to work in OTM 5.0.

    All you need to do is to strip the BOM from the file (first 3 bytes) and you are ready to go.

    Unfortunately, for me I have to change all my integration programs...

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    Re: OTM 5.5 - UTF-8 files and BOM

    Hi ppl,

    Just to add, if you want to strip the BOM from an XML file, you can download Xerces from and recompile the examples from the latest Xerces version. There is a example application called DOMPrint which can output your XML without the BOM

    Welcome to Xerces

    Good luck!