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    I am working on an outbound implementation. The company that is very dependent on its current geographical map drawing software when routing freight. Being that OTM’s mapping functionality is weak, I wanted to see if anyone was aware of OTM users that are integrating an external mapping software with OTM. I'm thinking that something like this would help in verifying that the routes built by the OTM Bulk Plans are geographically feasible. For example, a transportation planner might want to verify: is the multistop route along the Mississippi River feasible or does it require multiple crossings?

    The company is using PCMiler as its 3rd party mileage software for the standard external distance/service time lookup. But I am wondering if the integration of a visual map depicting the Bulk Plans routes has been done.

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    Re: PCMiler for Map Drawing

    I'd also like to hear if anyone has any suggestions within this space. For many mid-market clients, this has been a sticking point with OTM; and often goes hand-in-hand with desiring turn-by-turn directions for their drivers.

    We've even considered building out a custom integration between OTM and Google Maps, but it still doesn't fully service the need.

    Has anyone tackled this before?

    Chris Plough


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      Re: PCMiler for Map Drawing


      Usually this comes down to a cost issue. PC Miler is really cheap if you consider something like NAVTEQ mapping software. Given the problem (and for the time being let's not consider the rest of the world) it just doesn't seem like a really big deal. Also, the solution is a lot different, I'm not sure that in a multi-stop run you really care that much if you have to cross the river twice or really any local routing problems. You are paying a milage based rate and should just care that the solution is sound. (For international considerations you have crossing country borders, which are very important, but I think that can be handle via some optimization tweaks.)

      Now if you are trying to actually optimize a route a truck as it goes through a local market, then yes you would care. Though, I think OTM solves a different problem than that. On a local PU&D topic you probably would handle this issue with either a dedicate or private fleet, which has a different costing component. Generally thinking Contract Freight Management via a TMS and Dedicated/Private fleet via a routing product.

      In the end I think it would be really great to see a very good geographical UI for mapping, but in the past (and I have not looked recently), the cost of the mapping software is just to high.

      Let me know your thoughts.