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OTM Installation halts at configuration page.

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  • OTM Installation halts at configuration page.

    Hi Chris,

    we aretrying to install OTM along with Weblogic.We did the following:
    1.Installed the database(Oracle
    2.Installed Weblogic
    Cofigured a JDBC connection to our database(I am not sure if this was to be done..please suggest).The configuration was done successfuly.

    3.Installed OTM.
    Once the OTM gets installed the CONFIGURING OTM page appears with the message:"Please wait Oracle OTM v5.5 CU3 is bieng configured for your system.This may take a few moment"
    As per the install doc this should take 1 to 5 minutes.But its mare than 3 hours that we have been waiting for it.This was not the problem when we used OAS.

    Please help...


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    Re: OTM Installation halts at configuration page.

    Hi Surender,

    This part of the installer places all of your variables that you entered into the installer such as IP and DNS names into certain files. I haven't seen this issue before and can only think that your ssh connection to that server was terminated. What I suggest is that you put an anti-idle string such as a return character every minute into your ssh client. This will ensure that the server does not terminate the session prematurely.

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