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Which files get modified by the installer?

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  • Which files get modified by the installer?

    Have you ever wondered what files the OTM / GC3 installer modifies? If you're using OTM / GC3 v5.0 or v5.5, a quick way to find out is to look at your <gc3_install_dir>/install/install_files.txt file. This file gets created by the installer and modified depending on what type of installation you've done (web, app, report or a combination thereof). It lists out each file that the installer will search through and modify, based on the values given at install time.

    In addition, the <gc3_install_dir>/install/install_variables.txt file lists all of the macros and values that get replaced in each of the files above.

    Knowing this can help out GREATLY, if you need to change a particular value (such as an IP address, for example) without re-installing the entire product.

    Hope this helps!
    Chris Plough