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FTP problem on OTM5.5.2

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  • FTP problem on OTM5.5.2

    We are testing OTM 5.5.2 and have an FTP issue that I would like to hear if any one else has seen, When we tender a load tender via FTP we are getting the following exception, OTM does cvonnect to the remote directory /204/CRFS and creates and empty file.
    I can ftp fine from OTM 5.0 with the same FTP setup and also via a command prompt so this is kind of a wierd issue, not sure what is causing this exception. Any sugestions would be appriaciated.

    <IMessageText>CAUGHT THE FOLLOWING EXCEPTION WHILE PROCESSING TRANSMISSION OUTBOUND: OTM failed to send FTP transmission 323,194 from mbxgtest.mbco.liberty.local to with the following Exception: Error in FTP notification for activeMode=ENABLED; isEnableDebug=false; isLogResponseMsg=false; reattemptMode=NONE; reattemptMax=null; reattemptDelay=null; reattemptDeadline=null; maxThreads=null; ackExpected=false; useAckStatus=false; hostName=; userName=Mbxeditest; connectMode=ACTIVE; remoteDir=/204/CRFS; remoteFileName=RHL.68425-TENDER-000005.xml; encoding=UTF-8; useAppend=false; debugMode=false org.finj.FTPException: FTP Server stated : [125 Ready to receive "RHL.68425-TENDER-000005.xml" . Mode STREAM Type BINARY.] org.finj.FTPException: FTP Server stated : [125 Ready to receive "RHL.68425-TENDER-000005.xml" . Mode STREAM Type BINARY.] at org.finj.profile.StrictFTPServerProfile.isSTORComm andCompleted( at org.finj.profile.StrictFTPServerProfile.isCommandC ompleted( at org.finj.FTPClient.processCommand( 35) at org.finj.FTPClient.putFile( at org.finj.FTPClient.putFile( at jrockit.reflect.VirtualNativeMethodInvoker.invoke( Ljava.lang.Object;[Ljava.lang.ObjectLjava.lang.Object;(Unknown Source) at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Ljava.lang.Object;[Ljava.lang.Object;I)Ljava.lang.Object;(Unknown Source) at glog.util.ftp.client.FTPClientWrapper2.processMeth od( at glog.util.ftp.client.FTPClientWrapper2.putFile(FTP at glog.util.ftp.FTPEvent$Listener.doPost(FTPEvent.ja va:254) at glog.util.ftp.FTPEvent$Listener.trigger(FTPEvent.j ava:163) at glog.util.event.MemoryEventQueueRunnable.processEv ent( at at 9) at Source)</IMessageText>


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    Re: FTP problem on OTM5.5.2

    The solution to the FTP problem
    1. To solve the problem please download "Jakarta Commons Net" from:

    The Jakarta Site - Commons Net Downloads

    and add the following to the file:

    glog.util.ftp.client.package =

    The file needs to be unzipped and the commons-net-1.4.1.jar file copied to the
    glog/gc3webapp/WEB-INF/lib/3rdparty directory

    and finally the weblogic.conf needs to be editted to add the file to the classpath. Add the line:

    # is the next number in the lines. (e.g. if the last line says then # should be

    2. Restart the web and application servers.


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      Re: FTP problem on OTM5.5.2


      Thanks for the info on this! I'll add this jar file to the archive of 3rd party jars required for OTM. Once I finish reviewing and documenting all of the OSS licenses, I'll make this available to the forums -- so that everyone doesn't have to download all of these separately.

      Unfortunately I this is a result of Oracle's legal issues with certain OSS licenses. When they took GC3 over, we were no longer able to distribute these jars with OTM - even though they're required for it to function

      Chris Plough