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PC Miler and SMC Rateware installation

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  • PC Miler and SMC Rateware installation

    How much time and effort is required to install and configure the PC Miler and SMC Rateware and make it operational for the OTM application ?

    Any product issues / which we need to take care ?

    thx and rgds,

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    Re: PC Miler and SMC Rateware installation

    Hi Pankaj,

    It shouldn't take you more than an hr or two to do the application and configuration of both applications. Please keep in mind to get the tcp/ip license keys for both applications as the keys you usually get do not include this functionality which is required for OTM. PC Miler requires you activate your license key so make sure to get that done first before moving forward. You will also need to setup the entries up in your OTM application install and restart OTM for the config to take.

    You will also have to setup some configuration from within the application to talk to PC Miler and SMC. Please refer to the online help on how to set this up.

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