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OTM Data Purge Error Encountered

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  • OTM Data Purge Error Encountered

    Hi All

    I need your advice to know as to where I might be going wrong related to OTM Purge process:

    • Need to purge data for GTM Transactions which older than 180 days & not modified.
    • I created a saved query for the GTM Transactions older than 10 days and not modified on Test Instance for a test run.
    • I logged into DBA.ADMIN domain. Ran the mark for purge process in process management of Configuration & administration module.
    • Data type query object selected was GTM Transaction and saved query was selected and the process was submitted.
    • In view logs there was an exception encountered mentioning 'query could not be retrieved'.

    2015-11-04 10:53:31.483105147ErrorExceptionQuery PURGE_TT151030-00000004 for class gtm.server.query.transaction.GtmTransactionQuery could not be retrieved"

    Please provide your suggestions to resolve the situation.

    Thanks & Regards
    Suraj Jain

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    Re: OTM Data Purge Error Encountered

    Hi Suraj,

    Did you check data query type of the saved query ?