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  • [SOLVED] DB2 and OTM

    I received this email from an old G-Log friend and wanted to share it for everyone's benefit, since I've received the question a few times.

    Hi Chris,

    Have you guys ever heard of a G-Log client porting the application from Oracle DB to IBM DB2 if the company is a 100% IBM hw and sw client? Is it possible?
    Unfortunately there's no way to port OTM to DB2 without having access to the source code and a ton of development time. Several core OTM components are tied to Oracle-only features (ex. VPD). In addition, each patch would need to be ported over to DB2 as well. It was discussed a couple of times at G-Log, but the coding effort was too high with too little reward.

    In addition, we don't recommend using WebSphere as the OTM application server, as it is still fairly young and hasn't been production-proven. There are also some OTM features (ex. SCA) which do not work with WebSphere.

    All-in-all, the best combination for performance and reliability is still OTM with a WebLogic application server and an Oracle DB. You'll save yourself as much money in support and consulting efforts as you would by leveraging existing WebSphere or OAS licenses.

    Hope this helps!

    Chris Plough