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    Hi all, I am very new, and very confused at the moment about this, so please beare with me to give you my scenario:

    I have a agent that sends a message to the message center when a certain Order Release event has been added. This message don't have all the information I require (Event name + event date), so I want to add these with a stylesheet. Thus in the "stylesheet profile" in agent action I have added "MONITORED_ORDER_EVENT_BY_MESSAGE CENTER" and I can change the layout a bit by modifiing the HTML code in the DefaultOrderEventHtml.xsl file, but I have NO idea how to change or get extra data? If I turn on the "Raw XML" checkbox in the stylesheet profile I get a text file containing all the fields, but its not a xml file. (I assume this is the "XML" that it uses to translate to HTML) But I have no idea how to change the stylesheet to format the fields. Also the raw XML don't have all the fields I want to display, how do I get the xml to get the fields I require?

    Hope this makes sense..

    Anyone has any suggestions on how I can get started to figure out how this stylesheets work?

    Marinus Snyman

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    Re: XSL Stylesheet Message Center


    You can refer W3Schools Online Web Tutorials for getting started on understanding xml and xsl easily. It is a very good reference for beginners.
    Thank You


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      Re: XSL Stylesheet Message Center


      Since your getting the required data in the XML, it can be displayed in the message by modifying the stylesheet, be sure that in the stylesheet your are giving the correct Xpath for the field which needs to be displayed. The XSL code is easily available in the internet.

      Thanks and Regards