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  • Menu link creation

    Hi ,
    I have created a finder screen and also wanted to add a menu link which point to the created screenset.I have created a menu link using menu manager in UI.Is there any entry to be made in any csv file for the menu to appear (like we do for finder_set.csv file, we create an entry in that file saying this finder_set_gid will point to this query object and take data from xml file created by us).In simple words:'should we have to create entry in csv for menu'?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Menu link creation

    Nikesh, if you have created a new menu which has your screen sets attached to it, then the only other thing you should need to do is to associate that menu with a user, a user role or a user level. You can do that under Configuration and Administration > User Configuration > Manage User Access (on a 5.0 system).

    So, the process is, create your customised screen sets (finder and results screens etc), create a menu, associate your customised screen sets to that menu and then finally associate that menu to a user (user, level or role).