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[SOLVED] Location of the Translator table for a Stylesheet

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  • [SOLVED] Location of the Translator table for a Stylesheet

    We need to update our contact information in a customized stylesheet for the Pick Up Notification Email.

    The stylesheet refers to:
    select="translator:get-notification-value('notify.From', string($language), string($country), string($variant))"

    We need to update the information that the stylesheet is retrieving but we cannot find where that information is being retrieved from.

    If it helps to know, we are using OTM 4.5

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Alejandro Barba

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    [Solved] Location of the Translator table for a Stylesheet


    We were able to figure this one out and as in most cases, once you find the solution it turns out to be extremely simple.

    This particular stylesheet makes reference to a "translator" but actually it is retrieving the information from the TRANSLATION_D table.

    This table can be accessed as a DBA in OTM but to make things more interesting it is under the name of LABEL (in OTM 4.5 the path is User Configuration / Content Manager / Label Manager).

    Hope this can prevent someone the same headache.

    Alejandro B.