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[SOLVED] Combine order base tabs into 1 tab/page

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  • [SOLVED] Combine order base tabs into 1 tab/page


    We would like to explore the feasibility of putting all of the order base tabs into 1 tab or page, so that users won't have to hit Next to get to the following tab. What are our options? Thanks for all your help!


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    Re: Combine order base tabs into 1 tab/page

    Hi Kee,

    I understand that updating the Screen Sets in later versions is a more user friendly process but in OTM v4.5, you can easily achieve this by copying your public Screen Sets that you want to edit and adding the fields that you want in a single tab.

    You may also need to create Menus, you can copy and edit the current ones. When you edit the Menus you can select which Screen Sets to use. It is highly recommended to avoid changing public Screen Sets or User Menus.

    Finally, you need to go to the "Manage User Access" and assign the Menu and/or Screen Sets you created to a specific User, to an User Level or a User Role ID.

    Hope this helps,

    Alejandro Barba