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Modifying Web Tender Stylesheet

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  • Modifying Web Tender Stylesheet

    A very simple question actually, I am trying to modify the Web Tender Stylesheet under the Servprov domain. The client wants this particular stylesheet to be customized to their business. The customization is simple but since these are core OTM files (tenderresp/ExecTendMain.xsl, tenderresp/ExecTendMore.xsl and a few more under tenderresp folder), it will be re-written if any patch is updated to this folder.

    So, is there a way, I can keep it away from any patch updates and still use it to show the Web Tender in Servprov domain ? I was hoping there is something similar like using "Stylesheet Profile" option in OTM to customize Email Notification Tender stylesheet.

    Has anyone done this before ? Any inputs will be appreciated.
    Thank You
    Thank You

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    Re: Modifying Web Tender Stylesheet

    We are trying to do something similiar if I understand you correct. Basically when a carrier logs into OTM they are able to see a results screen with different/more columns. For example, search all loads which are currently tendered (Spot, Broadcast, Regular tenders) in a user friendly format which includes the source city, source state, destination city, destination state, and start date. Were you able to come to a conclusion and/or solution on this issue? I have tried to test using different screensets and results format. As soon as a result column is chosen such as destination city is listed zero results are returned but if I just list the shipment id it lists the appropriate number. Any help if anyone was able to modify the results screen which carriers are able to view shipment data.


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      Re: Modifying Web Tender Stylesheet

      there is a way to create a USER REPOSITORY for CUSTOMIZED stylesheet, OTM when find this user properties setted up check before in this path later on in standard location.
      This prevent also problem during patch update or similar, but in this case is better however after pacth re-check your custom screen.
      Check on OTM Help ON LINE item "Stylesheet Location" in User Preferences topic

      Stefano Giommi

      e: [email protected]


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        Re: Modifying Web Tender Stylesheet

        anoopkrishna, I agree with Stefano. This is one of the basic uses for User Preferences.

        Create a custom directory within the xsl directory on the Web server. Make sure to follow a parallel subdirectory structure to that within xsl. For example, if you want to customize tenderresp/ExecTendMain.xsl, simply create xsl/CUSTOM/tenderresp/ExecTendMain.xsl, where ExecTendMain.xsl is your custom stylesheet (but named the same as the original--this is the basis of the override functionality).

        Create a User Preference and add a Stylesheet Location value that specifies where your custom stylesheets are--in this case, CUSTOM.

        Apply the User Preference to all users in SERVPROV. At this point, whenever a user in SERVPROV accesses the screen in question, the system will substitute your custom stylesheets for the defaults. all users in that domain should see the custom screen. Since the stylesheets reside in a custom directory, they should not be overwritten by patches.

        Sorry for the late post--just joined the FAQ today. Feel free to contact me directly for clarifications.



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          Re: Modifying Web Tender Stylesheet

          As to bfolan's followup question, I'm curious as to whether you're asking about screen sets for Tender Response? I'm on a project now in which we would like to modify the PUBLIC screen set for Online Booking/ Tendering, but to the best of my ability I can find no reference to it anywhere in any screen set in any domain.

          As far as I can tell, then, the search/results pages for Online Booking/Tendering, which would normally be controlled by screen sets, are actually *completely beyond customization*. In several years of working on similar customizations for screens, I've never come across any other object that is so completely out of reach. Perhaps ironically, the screens themselves (controlled from the stylesheets in the tenderresp directory, as mentioned in anoopkrishna's original post) are totally customizable.

          BTW, for my related project, we are pushing Accept/Decline functionality through an entirely different (though still SHIPMENT-based) screen set called SHIPMENT_VISIBILITY. This bypasses the TenderRespServlet, but should suffice for this implementation. By using the alternate screen set, we can customize not only the screens (in XSL), but also the search/results pages (with a screen set).
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            Re: Modifying Web Tender Stylesheet

            Great info. I will let you know if I am able to get this working.


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              Re: Modifying Web Tender Stylesheet

              we've found 2 different ways to do this - a patch proof way and an easy way.
              let me know if you can't find a solution and I may put a document together.


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                Re: Modifying Web Tender Stylesheet

                A very simple way to modify the screen for the carriers to accept/decline tenders, it to give them access to the buy shipment screenset, simplify the search screen, put all required fields in the result screen, remove the edit button, and remove all actions but two (accept/decline)


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                  Re: Modifying Web Tender Stylesheet

                  Hi all,

                  We are given with a requirement where we need to modify the tender response screen.


                  We have a requirement where the carrier should be able to see few additional fields like ship unit dimensions (length,width,height) etc in the tender notification.

                  At present, the web tender has only weight and volume related information, and there is no fields mentioning the ship unit dimensions.

                  Any suggestions how to populate/add these fields in the tender information which is being sent to carrier?


                  Scenario 2 is quite strange, Is it possible to have different tender response/information screen based on criteria like mode/carrier etc?

                  Any suggestions/workarounds on this will be really helpful.



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                    Re: Modifying Web Tender Stylesheet

                    Hello Sachin, quick responses to the below--

                    First off, I would want a little clarification: your question is framed as regarding the tender response screen, but later you mention "tender information which is being sent to the carrier," which makes me think you are also interested in modifying outbound tender transmissions (e.g., email tenders). Is it one or the other, or both? They are controlled via separate means.

                    Neither of your scenarios is out of the ordinary. Many companies need to customize their presentations to their clients and carriers.

                    Scenario 1 requires first that you capture and analyze the XML behind the tender response screen. If the data you want to show are present in the XML, you simply modify the XSL stylesheet that controls the screen to include the desired nodes. (At present I am away from an OTM instance, but I believe the XSL in question here is tenderresp/ExecTendMain.xsl.) You will then set up a User Preference with a Stylesheet Location value showing where the system should find your custom stylesheets, then apply the User Pref at the system, domain, role, or user level as desired.

                    Scenario 2 is classic XSL: apply conditional logic with <xsl:if> blocks to control whether certain data are presented to the user. As long as your conditions can be evaluated from data present in the XML, you will have no problem making data visible or invisible based on the desired conditions.

                    Of course, the above assumes you have an XSL developer within your organization. If you do not, I know a good one. ;-) I presented a topic on XSL customizations at the OTM SIG in Philadelphia in 2008 and 2009. My PPT from the presentation outlines the basic principles and processes involved here, and I would be happy to send it to you. Feel free to contact me off-board at clay [dot] combs [at]

                    Best of luck,
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                      Re: Modifying Web Tender Stylesheet

                      Hi Clay,

                      Many thanks for your detailed reply.

                      My requirement in scenario1 was to have information populated only in tender response screen, which the carriers need to see before sending their responses. I've downloaded your presentations from SIG. Will check them out!

                      I'll try this and update.