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  • Visibility in OTM

    Could anyone give me more information on visibility in OTM?

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    Re: Visibility in OTM

    What do you want to know ? There is just so much information on what OTM can do for you from a visibility perspective that it is impossible to post it on here.

    There are a number of OTM clients who use the application to provide "visibility" - what are your requirements ? If you can be more precise in your question, then I am sure that the functional experts on this forum can help provide some precise answers.


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      Re: Visibility in OTM

      I'd like some information about using OTM as a PUDO solution (Pick Up Drop Off Point) for end-to-end visibility on orders, shipments, status updates etc.


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        Re: Visibility in OTM


        While I can't get too far into the functional issues and requirements for a visibility-only solution, I can tell you that some of G-Log's (and now Oracle's) largest clients are using GC3 / OTM for visibility. Clients like Exel/DHL, FedEx, etc and that some other large parcel companies are looking at OTM as a solution. In fact the visibility model in OTM was built out specifically for Exel Logistics.

        From a technical perspective, the large visibility clients had to ensure that their OTM infrastructure was sized and tuned appropriately in order for it to manage the large volume of integration transmissions (tens of thousands a day). In addition, they've had to adopt data retention policies in order to keep their DB sizes in check, since OTM stores the XML messages for each transmission by default.

        Hope this helps!

        Chris Plough


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          Re: Visibility in OTM

          Can only support the comments made by Chris.

          In terms of a PUDO operation, it will be very similar to the visibility requirements and solution provided by GC3 to other clients. At what stage of your project are you engaged ?


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            Re: Visibility in OTM

            We have thousands of customers and only want the customer to have visibility to it's own orders and shipments. I was hoping there would be a simple solution like the SERVPROV for allowing the customer to login but browing OTM's help there doesn't seem to be anything out of package.

            Some options we've been throwing around are?
            1) Create sub-domains for each customer? With thousands of customers this would seem very time consuming and difficult to manage.
            2) Managing with VPDs? Reading other threads it sounds like it could have performance issues.

            What have other's done that don't require a ton of maintenance and provide good security?


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              Re: Visibility in OTM

              We use VPD's for our visibility customers and do not seem to have much of a performance issue with the VPD's - partly I would think it would depend on how detailed your rules are within the VPD. Using the VPD context also helps cut down on maintenance. One of our visibility domains consists of 787 users - with 780 of those containing vpd profiles and do not see a performance hit, but our rules in this scenario are pretty basic. For this particular customer, in order to keep the rules basic, we have a shipment refnum qual coming in with the shipment that identifies the customer's client id. We base the profile on that refnum qual and val and it works great for us. Also keep in mind that even tho you might have thousands of users, only so many of them will be active concurrently online. As every setup is diff - You could always try a couple of different solutions and see what works best for you.