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Using User Exit (Data Validations)

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  • Using User Exit (Data Validations)

    Hi everyone,

    I am currently investigating the problem of having to validate user data entry on Order Templates. We have investigated the use of Action Checks but Oracle has confirmed that Action Checks are not supported with Order Templates - which is really surprising and disappointing.

    However, I have stumbled across a function called User Exit - apparently, the object persistence engine will refer to a package called pkg_user_exit to check if there is any problem persisting an object.

    Configuration and Administration > System Administration > User Exit

    Looking at the package, it looks like there is a way to validate data BEFORE the object is persisted - and throw custom error messages.

    Has anyone used this functionality before? Any best practices for this functionality and what is the difference between User Exit and Action Checks?


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    Re: Using User Exit (Data Validations)

    Hey Ian - interesting enough, we just got Oracle to log a bug for action checks not working against the order template about a week ago. Our issue is that the order template was still creating the order base even tho it did not meet the action check criteria. We are on Cu3. The bug number is 6934684 and we have installed and tested it successfully. You might want to check it out to see if it might correct your issue as well. Thanks - Shell


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      Re: Using User Exit (Data Validations)

      Hi Shells,

      Thanks for the inputs! Interestingly yes we also have logged an SR for this issue And the reply from Oracle is that Action Checks on Order Base Templates is not supported and is as per design. The problem that we had was that we have tried activating an Action Check of "ADD ORDER BASE". We have added an Allow Condition of the Saved Query of validating the Ship Unit Count to be non-zero or non-null.
      When we try to add an Order Base using the Order Base Template, the Action Check "ADD ORDER BASE" does not get triggered and we have confirmed that by checking the glog.log file.

      Oracle Support states that the default value for ship unit count when creating a new ShipUnit bean is '1', and there is not way to override in the code. Oracle have stated that this is the current design

      But as my operations will have none of this, I have to explore other functions and hence I stumbled on USER EXIT.

      As an update, interestingly I am getting some positive results from this functionality. I am currently testing this in my development server and will update you on my findings Hopefully it will help you as well!

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