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Bulk Allocation- How to insert conditions

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  • Bulk Allocation- How to insert conditions

    to allocate planned cost as a batch , we want to use Financials>>Process Management >> Bulk Allocation , but we we have to run this allocation against limited Shipments only , based on creation conditions , like the Order_Shipment source = Sap ( the ref having different values like HRMS , JDE ect )
    When I reviewed the outofbox function for Bulk Allocation schedule process, there is no provision to add the conditions to this , is there a way to allocate shipment planned cost to Order Lines using a batch process ( daily one time ) – for only creation shipment.

    my thoughts are like this .. Use milestone managements – trigger the Agent on daily basis
    In the Agent Raise the Custom Event with the required conditions ( For Each)
    Listen to this custom Event and Allocate the cost.

    Direct & Indirect workaround thoughts are greatly welcome,

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    Re: Bulk Allocation- How to insert conditions

    I am not all that familiar with Bulk Allocation. Agents on the other hand.

    I have used the For Each in several instances and it works very well. There are a few things you need to be aware of though:

    1) If you select the CREATE_NEW_PROCESS option in the Agent Action, this may have a significant impact on performance. If you are running the agent during Peak time, be very careful with how you handle this.

    2) Running this process from the agent as a bulk process, rather than Bulk Allocation, allows you to set up error handling from within the agent.

    3) The Bulk Allocation process appears to look at Shipments with a status Type of ALLOCATION_SHIPMENT and a status value ALLOCATION_SHIPMENT_NOT_ALLOCATED. Any shipment that meets this criterion will be picked up.

    Not sure if this helps. Hope it does though. Let me know if you have any further questions,

    Thanks and regards,

    James Foran
    James Foran
    Toll Global Information Services