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    We are receiving EDI 210 transmissions for carrier invoices. All carriers are not able to electronically send these. As a result I am trying to find out how the carrier can do a web settlement on shipment they haul. Basically the carrier would log into OTM and update the load they delivered with all the cost associated.

    Has anyone went down this path of allowing the carrier to manually update the shipment/invoice cost to the actual cost they charge? My initial thoughts would be to allow the carrier to see the invoice and update the costs. After this is done an internal person would approve the cost. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Servprov Manual Web Settlement

    You could implement a process where a buy side invoice is generated for those carriers that cannot send in a 210 and at the end of each week / month you send those carriers a list of those invoices (including the values) in a .pdf format and ask them, assuming the values are correct, to confirm the values. You would then handle the exceptions to this manually.

    I think you may be able to allow carriers to adjust invoices in OTM and add charges to them, but I am not sure that that is standard functionality and may require some screen set / VPD work to implement.


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      Re: Servprov Manual Web Settlement

      OTM calculates the shipment cost and creates an original invoice. The carrier logs into the SERVPROV domain to approve the original invoice. Multiple validations occur in the background and if the original cost hasn't been modified, OTM approves the invoice for us, otherwise people are alerted and statuses flip.

      The original invoice must be approved by the carrier before he gets access to add subsequent charges on a shipment. The carrier will add costs to a shipment and create a subsequent invoice. All subsequent invoices must be manually approved by us. In order to get a separate invoice for subsequent charges, you need to set the planning parameter CREATE NEW INVOICE FOR STANDARD APPROVED ADJUST to TRUE. Otherwise, you'll see the subsequent charges as additional line items on the original invoice.

      So we have a two-step approval for every invoice, one by the carrier and one by us. Depending on various validations, we may automatically approve the invoice for either the carrier or for ourselves.

      If you'd like more details, please contact me directly.
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