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Wrire off - shipment never invoiced

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  • Wrire off - shipment never invoiced

    We need to write off a big list of shipments that will never be invoiced. Once a year, we need to clean shipments otherwise they remain in the system with a cost and we assume that we will have to pay them.

    We are looking for a solution that will help the users. We need to identify the shipments (mark them) and create an invoice at 0$. We have hundreds of shipments every year to write off. We need to keep them in the system in case the carriers come back to us.

    Our solution so far is to produce a list of shipments to the users so they can mark them and load a qualifier (custom load).

    Once the qualifier loaded, the user can create a consolidated invoice by carrier using the qualifier as a filter. The user approves the consolidated invoice at 0$. That way we keep the shipment in the system but with no cost.

    I'd like to know if anyone has the same problem or any idea how to improve the process.

    Thanks for your help.

    Rio Tinto Alcan