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Calculating Provincial Taxes

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  • Calculating Provincial Taxes


    I'm getting an error when I attempt to perform the action "Calculate Provincial Tax". The error is "Customer Involved Party SHIP TO is not available on the Invoice". I've looked at the Involved Party fields and see that my ship to is not in the list of eligible involved party locations. When I attempt to add the Involved Party Location, I get an Apache/Tomcat error screen.



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    Re: Calculating Provincial Taxes

    Hello Slim Jim,

    I think your issue is caused by the configuration of VAT. I think you have set the Province Source to SHIP TO. This value is stored in the VAT_PROVINCIAL_CNFG_PERSP_D table. Try setting this to SERVPROV. I have had much more success with this.


    James Foran
    Toll Solutions
    James Foran
    Toll Global Information Services


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      Re: Calculating Provincial Taxes

      Hi James,

      Thanks for your response. After receiving your post I looked at my VAT Configuration.

      I had "Ship To" chosen in the CUSTOMER INVOLVED PARTY QUALIFIER field, a required field to be populated.

      The field PROVINCE SOURCE that you recommended to be populated with SERVICE PROVIDER was blank. If I populate that field then I also must populate the SOURCE PROVINCE CODE PROFILE, DESTINATION PROVINCE CODE PROFILE and VAT CODE ORDERED SET fields as well. I'm not sure what values I should be putting in these fields.

      I also have the added complexity (difficult or easy?) of having to calculate GST country-wide in Canada (or in ALL provinces) as well as having to calculate QST and HST in specific provinces.



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        Re: Calculating Provincial Taxes

        Jim, I sent you a screen print of my CANVAT configuration. Basically, you need to fill in the source , dest province and connect to VAT ordered set. This is in the sub grid for Perspective.

        The screen prints should be enough to understand how to set up. Let me know otherwise.



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          Re: Calculating Provincial Taxes

          Hi Leo

          Iam unable to calculate my provincial VAT, the status of my invoice changes to VAT_CALCULATION_CALCULATED, but the VAT ANALYSIS part of the Invoice remains blank, iam unable to see my VAT Rate and VAT amount for the invoice, can you please help me out with your setups?

          Thanks & Regards


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            Re: Calculating Provincial Taxes

            Hi Jim

            Could you please add INVOLVED PARTY QUALIFIER ID AS SHIP TO with some involved party contact id for invoice id which your are calculating VAT.Then run action to calculate the VAT. This will resolve ur problem.

            Involved party qualifier id depends on the VAT configuration which you have done.for example If you have given BILL TO as customer involved party in the configuration then your involved party qualifier id in invoice has to be BILL TO.