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  • Financial Overview - Profit Analysis


    I have question regrading the order release financial overview screen. This is designed to compare your shipment buy and sell rates in order to give you an overall profit figure for the order.

    However it shows all the shipments linked to the order release to assess the 'cost' of the order. This is not the true cost of the orderif the shipment in question also contains other orders to it. I think what should really be shown here is the allocated cost from the order release, not the shipment cost.

    I suppose Im just wandering if there is any other screen where order profit/loss analysis can be shown instead of the financial overview screen??



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    Re: Financial Overview - Profit Analysis

    Hi Marc,

    THe best is to view in the view mode of a Order release. You don't see exactly the result, but you do see the allcoated costs.
    There is also a report for working with the allocated costs.

    I agree on the fact that the finacial overview doesn't bring you anything when you are working with consolidations.
    Best Regards,

    Bob Romijn


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      Re: Financial Overview - Profit Analysis

      Thanks...Bob your name sounds i know you from somewhere?