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Shipment Cost Rounding

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  • Shipment Cost Rounding

    I am experiencing seemingly inconsistent behavior in OTM with regard to rounding. I have tried changing the rounding settings on Rate Offerings, Rate Records, Rate Costs, and Accessorial Costs with no luck in resolving the issue. The problem is seen in the fuel cost calculation. We are using rates with half-cents. Our current fuel rate is .345 per mile. I have a shipment with 81 miles where the total of $27.945 is accurately rounded to $27.95. I have another shipment with 561 miles where the total of $193.545 will not round properly and is being populated as $193.54. Both shipments are using the same accessorial cost and the setting on the Rate Records, etc. are identical. Has anybody else seen this behavior and if so, how can it be resolved?