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[SOLVED] Vendor Based Accessorial Charges

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  • [SOLVED] Vendor Based Accessorial Charges

    I’m trying to base my Accessorial Costs by a few key factors such as: carrier, commodity, origin, origin-vendor and destination. Based on our rating structure, OTM will recognize all but the vendor origin locations. Currently, our rate records are not recognizing vendor locations as many vendors can originate from a single origin. Each orgin has a OTM location id and each vendor within that origin has it's own vendor id.

    Vendor id's are associated as shipper id’s which integrate into OTM as a reference number qualifier. We've establish a nine-digit number as the reference number. Somehow I need OTM to acknowledge these reference numbers so they’ll apply accessorial charge based on these vendor locations. The accessorial cost id basis will not seperate charges based on the reference numbers. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    Eric Bauchwitz

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    Re: Vendor Based Accessorial Charges

    Hi Erik,

    I have not used Reference numbers to apply Accessorial Costs but I think that one approach that you can take is creating one Accessorial Cost for every origin-vendor.

    The Rate Record should include all these Accessorial Costs that can be applied to it. The Basis of the Accessorial Cost will use the Order Base Reference Number Value of the Vendor ID that you want. Finally, the Accessorial Code should be configured as Always Apply.

    If you need more information please let me know.

    Hope this helps,

    Alejandro B.