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[SOLVED] Special Services and Accessorials...guideline ?

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  • [SOLVED] Special Services and Accessorials...guideline ?

    Hi all,

    does anyone have a document describing how/when to use special services/accessorials ? A solution design for a client would be great :-)

    Any help/explanation is appretiated because i never used those.

    Thanks a lot in advance

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    Re: Special Services and Accessorials...guideline ?

    Oliver, I dont have a document which explains the differences in that level of detail unfortunately.

    However, my understanding has always been that you can define accessorial codes on your orders, items and locations. During the shipment build process, if OTM finds a rate that has an accessorial code which matches one of those that you have set on your orders, locations or items, that accessorial code from the rate will be applied to your shipment.

    If a rate does not have a matching accessorial code, then no accessorial cost will be applied against the shipment regardless of the accessorial codes defined on your orders, locations and items but the rate will still be valid for that order.

    Special services work in a similar way, but the key difference is that if an order has a special service defined on it, a rate which does not have that special service defined on it will NOT be considered for that order during the build shipment process. For accessorials it would have been considered.

    In the case of accessorials, if the always apply flag is set on the accessorial code, then it will always be added to your shipment regardless of what appears on your orders, locations, items and rates.

    Re-post if you need more detail
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      Re: Special Services and Accessorials...guideline ?

      The difference is simple. Both add charges to the base rate. The difference is that a special service is something that must be done or the shipment cannot be transacted. For example, supposed that the customer resides on the second floor. There will be a problem with a carrier who is expecting someone on the first floor to take the shipment off of their trailer. So the special service is the added charge of delivering to the second floor and assumes that the carrier will carry out the service end of things.

      If an order contains a special service it will exclude all rates that do not have the special service. The rate selected may have accessorials, say a fuel surcharge, but would never be selected unless it has the special service that matches the one on the order. I hope this helps.