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[SOLVED] General Ledger codes

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  • [SOLVED] General Ledger codes


    I want to know how to configure general ledger codes for account numbers. The codes must be associated with the client or the type of activity performed.
    for example
    Account No. Description
    xxxxxx inbound
    yyyyyy outbound
    zzzzzzz accessorial code

    the problem i am facing is, i cant fit all the descriptions in one lookup key.


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    Re: General Ledger codes

    Hi Anitha,

    We faced a similar scenario and we solved it by using Involved Parties for the client type and the we also used the Order base reference number for the Order Type.

    One lesson learned was that the reference number used by OTM v4.5 was at the order base level and not at the order release level.

    Hope this helps,

    Alejandro Barba


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      Re: General Ledger codes

      Hi Anita,

      what exactly is the requirement?

      do u want to setup Gl againSt order or shipment?

      I guess its on shipment level buy site?

      Basic requirement is the code must be unique. So in your case you need a buy side SHIPMENT GL LOOKUP KEY
      with different key components. Lets work it out:

      Simplest would be a code based on cost type A (ccessorial) or B (ase)

      the system would allocate for A: zzzz
      and for base cost : xxxxx, yyyyyy

      So it's not unique. We need add another key component to dsitinguish between out and inbound

      Can we use transport mode? i dont think so. It would suprise me if you design the solution with an out and inbound specific modes like TL OUT, TL IN.

      Lets think about shipment_location as key component.
      If you set it up you will be ask for D (estination) or S(ource) . We nned both

      So now we defined 3 key components

      cost type

      Assign them to the SHIPMENT GL LOOKUP KEY.

      now we can create the gl codes

      1) xxxxx (scenario we receiving goods from nyc or washington to philly)
      cost type B, source loc is blanc, dest location is PHL

      2) yyyyy
      cost type B, source loc PHL, dest location is blanc

      cost type A, source loc blanc, dest blanc

      If you have a more complex network with a bunch of inbound location and even more outbound location or you shipping good from to US i would use
      the key component involved_party instead of shipment location.

      you setting up an agent which inserts an involved party qualifier maybe GLANNEX
      with value of INBOUND and OUTBOUND, (if source country us....etc)

      now your SHIPMENT GL LOOKUP KEY contains 2 key components
      1) cost type
      2) involved party..

      create gl code..

      cost type B,
      involved party value: INBOUND

      cost type B,
      involved party value: OTBOUND

      cost type A,
      involved party value blanc

      Let me know if it works..

      design is based on 5.0



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        Re: General Ledger codes

        Thanks a lot AlejandroBarba & leo_glog for your sugesstions i will try the same and let u know.

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