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[SOLVED] Linking BUY / SELL Rates using Markup %

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  • [SOLVED] Linking BUY / SELL Rates using Markup %

    Can I have a markup % at SELL side rate records over the BUY side rates, so that when a SELL side is generated, the system calculates on the basis of the markup provided in Sell Side Rate Record.

    Scenario: The client needs all the SELL SIDE to have a markup of 20% on the BUY side shipment cost. How can I do this? Help

    - Sanju

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    Re: Linking BUY / SELL Rates using Markup %

    Yes you should be able to do this by creating a SELL rate offering and creating a rate on it that has a cost basis of "Buy-Shipment allocated cost amount". Then if you want to mark-up by 20% then just enter a percentage of 120%. You can then create an agent to update the rate on the sell side shipment every time the buy side rate changes or when the buy rate is invoiced (this may require creating a custom agent event for sell shipments). Good luck!