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  • FSC Rating at 0

    We have into a situation where we are at a loss to explain.

    Our rate factor FSC_PCT_SELL_STANDARD_TL rates to the correct value for our sell side shipments. As you can see in the screen prints, we have the same set-up for our FSC_PCT_STANDARD_TL rate factor but this will only rate to $0.00.

    Has anyone had a similiar situation before? Here are the steps we have taken:

    1) Confirmed that the set-up is workable as the exact set-up is rating correctly on the sell side.
    2) Validated that there are no problems with our rate record set-up as we took some of them and applied the sell sade accessorial and it rated correctly.
    3) Tried 3 different set-up to the FSC and all failed to rate to a value besides $0.00.
    4) The set-up we originally had was rating until last week.
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    Re: FSC Rating at 0

    This may be a dumb question but do you have "always apply" and/or "flow thru" checked on your Accessorial Code?


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      Re: FSC Rating at 0

      Yes, we have all the FSC accessorials marked as "Always Apply".