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  • Parcel Rating for Air


    We are trying to configure parcel rating in OTM5.5cu4 version.

    According to the parcel rating, the shipment total weight is compared with the chargeable weight of the shipment.i.e. in case the shipment has 100 packages of weight 10LB each, the total weight of the shipment is 1000LB. However acc to parcel structure minimumweight of a parcel must be 15LB . so the chargeable weight = 15*100 = 1500LB. Hence OTM will look at both the total shipment actual weight (1000LB) and Shipment weight as per parcel (1500LB) and pick the weight which is higher and rate accordingly.

    We are facing some issues in modeling the scenario:
    1. According to OTM help for parcel rating we must use Offering type as ZONE BASED. However when we use this offering type we are unable to assign a DIM factor which is required for parcel rating by Air. Where can we assign the DIM factor in a Zone based offering
    2. Currently in parcel rating the shipment actual weight is compared with the chargeable weight. However in AIR i want the shipment dimnesional weight to be compared with the chargeable weight. how can this be done?

    Please assist

    Divya Bhansali
    Divya Bhansali