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Has Anyone Ever Used Secondary Charges

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  • Has Anyone Ever Used Secondary Charges

    In our current OTM configuration, unload charges for managed inbound freight is set to a default as an accessorial cost for our delivery locations. The default dollar amount works fairly well in some DC’s but in the majority of cases the unload charge being applied to the shipment is not correct. The accessorials are not specific enough to calculate the correct costs. As a result, our Accounting group is forced to adjust nearly all carrier invoices to correct the unload charge amount before the buy side transaction can be completed.

    One solution was to reconfigure our rate structure to recognize vendor number (origin location), OTM O/D, and carrier specific lanes that accessorial cost could apply at the rate record level.

    We found two problems with this solution.
    1) This reconfiguration was so specific that it would "explode" the amount of rates in our system dramatically.
    2) We would eliminate the possibility of paying multiple service providers. Example: We cancel a planned load with one service provider and hire another to replace the first. Both carriers still need to be paid.

    Oracle's recommendation was to add Secondary Charges. These secondary charges are nonmoving charges that are based on shipment groups. I've researched through the OTM online help, but was not satisfied with their explanation. I'm looking for anyone that may be knowledgeable or familiar with this type of configuration. Any help would be appreciated.