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[SOLVED] Equipment group and planning

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  • [SOLVED] Equipment group and planning

    I'm trying to create a buy shipment from an order release. I'm unable to plan possibly due to new equipment group set up. Are there any things to watch for when planning using a new equipment group? Is there something that would hinder planning on the equipment group? After many attempts at configuration to allow for planning, I ran across one error mentioning compartments. Any help would be appreciated greatly! Thanks for your time.

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    Re: Equipment group and planning

    I learned that the equipment group on the rate offering has to match the equipment group on the rate record exactly. This applies to a profile if there is a profile that has several equipment groups defined in that object, the same profile has to be specified on the rate record and the rate offering. The only exception I have found is when a equipment group profile is defined on the rate offering and the rate record equipment group is blank. In this case, the rating process will still work.