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Working with Parcel mode

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  • Working with Parcel mode

    Does anyone know how to setup parcel mode scenario for parcel carriers in OTM? I tried to create parcel scenario in OTM using zones concept, but unable to achieve the desired output.

    Any help is highly appreciated.

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    Re: Working with Parcel mode

    Hi Surender,

    Perhpas you have to state more about "Parcel mode".
    What are you trying to achieve?

    Best regards,

    Best Regards,

    Bob Romijn


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      Re: Working with Parcel mode


      Where you able to get your parcel setup complete? I am in the process of revanping our OTM parcel structure - we don't use an external rating engine - using the rate_offering_cost_unit_break table. Not quite there but almost. I am not able to apply the base rate in rate lookup.


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        Re: Working with Parcel mode


        For simulating the parcel mode in OTM,use rate zone concept along with rate break.also dont use lookup for parcel use day duration concept in rate service.

        Try above setup's.


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          Re: Working with Parcel mode

          I have gotten thru the RATE ZONE stuff successfully, along with the DAYDURATION service. The snag I'm hitting with this is how to get the rate breaks to work. It doesn't look like weight breaks are supported for a PARCEL Rate Offering type. I tried using Rate Unit Breaks but haven't had much luck (yet!).

          Any suggestions on which object types to use for a combination of rate zone / weight break?


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            Re: Working with Parcel mode

            Did you try offering type = ZONE-BASED?


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              Re: Working with Parcel mode

              Yes, the offering type is ZONE-BASED. That is giving me the geography portion of the rates, which is working fine. The problem I'm having is the other dimension, or weight.


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                Re: Working with Parcel mode

                Hi Surender,

                can u put ur data (which u have setup in engine for parcel) in excel sheet so taht I can try to execute the same scenario at my end and check out few things


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                  Re: Working with Parcel mode

                  Hello r12ohit,

                  This is what you do for setting PARCEL rates with ZONE and Rate breaks

                  (1) Create a ZONE-BASED rate offering Type with Rate Attributes - Accessorials, Dimensional, Grid and QualityRating
                  (2) Sequence thsese Rate Attributes on GRID, ACCESSORIALS and QualityRating
                  (3) Create a rate offering and use this Rate offering type in it. Make sure your mode is PARCEL in the rate offering
                  (4) Then create a Rate Unit Break Profile ID which you will use on your Rate Record
                  (5) Create Rate Record Cost in which you choose Cost Type as Profile and then update values on the unit break you have created.
                  (6) Save it and run it.

                  Is this what you wanted ?
                  Thank You