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Continuous Moves scenario o another better?

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  • Continuous Moves scenario o another better?

    Hi everyone!
    This is my first posting and I have come up with the following scenario that I must implement.

    My client is a 3pl company with storage and distribution. They want implement 6.4.2 cloud.
    For part of your business I need to solve the following scheme.

    There are 7 service providers that carry out the transport in the metropolitan area. They shared Equipments Group and Types and, usually, each driver are always linked to the same Power Unit and Equipment unit.
    The area is divided by zones (or regions if it is necesary). Suppose there are 4 zones. Each of the area has a fixed rate for 4 hours of work and another for 8 hours of work (with the possibility of doing overtime). The rates are the same for the 7 SP.
    The Equipment is used both to search for merchandise and to bring it to the DC and to take it from the DC to other points (customers, xdock locations, anothers DC) and between travel and travel it is not mandatory that they return to the DC.
    The total time per day that each team goes (N quantity of shipments) is the one used to pay for part-time or full-time, per driver.

    It occurred to me to use the option of Continuous Moves but I am not sure if it is the appropriate one for that tariff scheme.
    Greetings and I hope you can help me